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Superior Fitness Center teaches its participants to trust and embrace mental and physical challenges. We focus on teaching our clients to relinquish their hold on fear, counter-productive thinking, and patterns of behavior, which inhibits self-mastery. Superior Fitness Center teaches three significant steps to help achieve self-mastery:

1.) Self-Reverence: also known as self-respect, involves creating and maintaining a very high and serious level of respect for one's own character; self-love.
2.) Self-Knowledge: awareness and understanding of one's true nature, abilities, motives, disposition and limitations; insights into oneself.
3.) Self-Control: a person's ability to control and restrain their emotions and desires and react logically to any circumstance; strength of mind.

At Superior Fitness Center, we have motivating, invigorating, and innovative approaches to enhance athletic performance and to increase cardiovascular/pulmonary conditioning and functional strength. We show people how to become mentally and physically aware of their bodies movements to ensure proper form and to help prevent injuries. Superior Fitness Center's philosophy of well-being is aimed towards improving self-awareness, developing strength of character and cultivating self-control.

Superior Fitness is:

Rooted in Love: "The Foundation Superior Fitness Center was built upon is LOVE (not the emotion but rather the commitment it represents) for ALL of our clients, and it's what motivates us, as trainers, to do what we do”

Driven by Faith: "Not religion, but faith! Trust in confidence in the outcome despite the so - called facts.”

D. Alliano

Adin G.

11/15/2016 yelp review

I've been going to this gym for about a month and I love it so much because everyone is willing to help you work out in all different ways. Dustin is a very great guy and willing to help you at any time, great staff, great gym people. I really recommend it to anyone willing to work out in a small private gym which is amazing.



Gym Membership Rates

Neighborhood Rate $50 Per Month: If you live within 1 mile of Superior Fitness, you are qualified for this discount. Must provide valid ID with address.

New Members Rate $55 Per Month: This option includes 1 free private session and four FREE group classes. It is recommended that you participate in several classes to learn proper technique and function of equipment.

Membership pre-pay options
3-month pre-pay $165
6-month pre-pay $330
12-month pre-pay $600 (No enrollment fee!)

Family Memberships
$55 Per Month: Add a family member for $15 each per month. Add group training for an additional $75 a month per family member.

*All memberships will include a one-time enrollment fee of $75, and a personalized key card of $10, One FREE Private Session and four FREE Group Training Classes. Additional and/or replacement keys are $10 each.

*There will be an automatic renewal of membership if cancellation notification is not given!

*All memberships require a 30-day cancellation notice! There is one more monthly charge after the date of cancellation.

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Group Training Membership Rates

$125 per month. This option includes One FREE Private Session.

*Drop-in rate: $25 per class

Group training pre-pay options
3-month pre-pay for $375
6-month pre-pay $700 (save $50)

*All memberships require a one-time enrollment fee of $75 and a personalized FOB key $10.

*All memberships require a 30-day cancellation notice! There is one more monthly charge after the date of cancellation.

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Personal Training Rates

$90 Private 1-on-1 Session (45 min.)
$75 per person for Duet Session (2 ppl)
$55 per person for Trio Session (3 ppl)

In-Home Training
$135 for Private 1-Hour session
$200 for Duet (2 people) Session

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